Artist Statement

Though I started painting years ago, I am still inspired by nature and the organic shapes and graphic impact of everyday objects around me. In fact, my training and career as a graphic designer influence the composition of my work. I use light and dark colors to create movement and cause the eye to move through my paintings of everything from flowers and the ocean to bold graphic shapes. With the careful placement of shapes, I also work to create a unified image on the canvas.

I have a deep appreciation for Van Gogh and other painters who use paint with weight in their strokes to create movement and direction. Their style has influenced my method. Most of my paintings are created with a palette knife as I work to create that same sense of movement and emotion.

I create art because I believe that the ability to do so is a gift God has given me. The Bible states that we are created in His image and He is The Creator. Therefore, we are all designed with a capacity to create. As humans, we build, we write, we decorate our homes, we garden and we produce new products – all an extension of our nature to create. And when we do what we are created to do, we are worshipping God. I believe that the Creator takes great pleasure in this. For many years, I didn’t think that making my art was important. Once I realized that my painting not only brought me joy, but also pleased Him, it became important to me to take up my brushes and palette knives.

Margret R. Courtney