Custom frame design

The best background ever

The first thing you see in one of our framed pieces is not our frame or matting. The first thing you see is within the frame. That’s because we purposely design our frame systems to enhance and complement your subject, not compete with it. 

Your art, print or 3D piece inspires us to select the right mat color, texture and layering to go with just the right frame, selected from hundreds of samples. We use acid-free mats and glass with UV protection to resist fading over time, and we offer non-reflective and museum quality glass
as well. 

With a plentiful selection of framing materials to choose from and our design expertise, Margret Art & Design delivers a framing solution that is uniquely yours. 

Shadow boxing

No, this isn’t the boxer stutter-stepping down the road boxing his own shadow. Here we’re referring to a collection of artifacts that mean something special to you. And you want an artful way to display this collection in your home or work space. Bring us your special memorabilia. We’ll show you how your separate artifacts can fit together in a single, impressive piece of art. We’ll create just the right presentation you’re looking for, and you’ll  have a one-of-a-kind piece you won’t get anywhere else!

Shadow box design in progress