Who we are and what we do


Two principals operate Margret Art & Design LLC. Margret Courtney has over 25 years experience as a commercial artist/designer. She provides the designer’s visual perspective for both fine art and framing solutions – as well as the artist’s eye for display purpose and environment. Margret regularly participates in art shows throughout Southwest Ohio. Husband Frank combines two of his life interests in photography and carpentry to provide photographic source material plus fine-crafted framing service. Margret and Frank combine their talents at their studio in Loveland, Ohio. 

Consultations are done in your home or place of businessContact us today to discuss your next framing project or to purchase artwork, prints or cards. 


Frank and Margret Courtney

Inspired by the beauty around us

Margret chose graphic and product design as her career path many years ago, but fine art and working with her hands has always been her greatest joy. Back in the day, she did not consider fine art as a suitable or profitable career path. With visions of starving and being homeless, she pursued a presumably safer route to success as a commercial artist. After a total mind-shift in recent years of what she really wants to do in life and what is important, Margret began once again painting and creating art, as well as producing note cards and prints of her work. She just couldn’t shake this life-long desire. Margret concludes, “It is those dreams that never leave us that truly become our purpose.”

Frank, embodying an entrepreneurial spirit as well, wanted to do something more meaningful and fun in his work life. So he became a picture framer, also loving to work with his hands. Margret also wanted to do her own framing, so she now designs custom frames and assists Frank in some of the assembly work. Frank also further pursued his interest in photography, which Margret uses in designing greeting cards. Frank loves to capture the beauty of nature around him, often while on long hikes in the middle of that beauty.

These discoveries led Margret and Frank to start their business – Margret Art & Design. They see it as part of their purpose and passion in life.

Margret’s graphic and product design career continues as part of the plan, as she incorporates her design sense and product design knowledge into her art, prints, cards and framing designs. Frank’s background in farming, sales and management provides many skills needed to run the business. He is especially integral in planning, selling and keeping production on track. Both Margret and Frank are inspired by nature, love to hike, birdwatch, garden and just be outdoors. These activities contribute greatly to the creation of their work – truly an expression of the beauty they see around them.

Tree Bark
photographer on mountain
Mini Sun